Massage Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take my clothes off ?
No. Most of my treatments can be done through clothing.

What sorts of conditions can you treat ?
Most problems. I can treat a very wide range of musculoskeletal conditions using some of the most advanced, effective techniques known for rapidly relieving muscle tension and pain and improving flexibility and strength.

Do your treatments hurt ?
No. All of my techniques are normally pain-free. At worst you might feel a brief twinge of pain. Pain increases tension in the body whereas my treatments make you more relaxed. Many of my clients are used to receiving painful massages from other therapists and express amazement that I get dramatically better results, faster, with no pain.

How long are your sessions ?
Usually one hour but up to an hour and a half. Simple problems may only require half an hour to treat.

How many sessions will I need ?
This depends on your condition but most clients notice a significant improvement after one session. Often only one or two sessions are needed.

Do I still have to pay if it doesn’t work ?
No. My techniques are so effective that I can afford to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not delighted with your treatment, it’s free.

What techniques do you use ?
I choose from a wide variety of highly advanced, effective techniques including Reiki, Horstmann Technique,  therapeutic massage, Bowen therapy (Fascial Kinetics), Neuromuscular Technique and Holistic Pulsing,  tailoring the treatment to suit each client.


Naturopath Frequently Asked Questions

Do you prescribe lots of expensive supplements ?
Only if you are very sick and really need them. Most people can get most of the nutrients they need from a healthy diet so I usually only prescribe one or two supplements and sometimes none. While I stock only the highest quality supplements, my recommendations are graded to suit your budget – I can suggest cheaper alternatives.

Do those supplements really work ?
Yes, I have a strong background in science and all of my recommendations are backed by scientific research.

Will I need to take foul-tasting herbs ?
I prescribe herbs for around half my clients. Some of them taste unpleasant but these are usually available in capsules or tablets which you can swallow without tasting. Some herbs taste quite pleasant. Most people find that the benefits of the herbs are well worth any unpleasant taste.