Shoulder Pain
“Since 1989 I have suffered from OOS in my right shoulder. I have had a variety of treatments including physiotherapy, medication, acupuncture and chiropractic.
In September of this year, I went to see David Hodges. After only two sessions, the pain in my shoulder had decreased significantly. I was no longer relying on anti-inflammatory medication to be pain free. I was sleeping considerably better than I had in a very long time.
David taught me how to strengthen my shoulder and chest muscles by doing some daily stretches. My shoulder continued to improve and by the fourth session there was a visible difference in posture and flexibility.
I can not speak highly enough of David’s treatment. He understood my situation and frustration. David treated me with professionalism and successfully relieved my long-standing problem.” – Bernie Hulme.

“Some time ago I sustained an injury to my arm while boxing training. Physiotherapy helped to lessen the worst of the pain but the injury persisted.
One Horstmann Technique session with David repaired the injury to the point that I had full use of the arm again. … I am really impressed” – Lia Scaglione.


Frozen shoulder
“David was highly recommended to me by a colleague, who was certain he would be able to help with the problem with my arm.  Four months previously I had received a diagnosis of a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) in my left arm and the condition was getting worse with loss of flexibility, pain and discomfort, especially at night. Despite trying various treatments, including physiotherapy, reflexology, Thai and Hawaiian massage and Reiki, nothing worked.  I went to see David for a one hour energy healing treatment and I noticed an improvement in my condition within a week, my arm ached less and it was loosening up. Since then I have had several more sessions with David and each time I experienced an improvement to the point where my shoulder is now back to a near normal condition.  I would wholeheartedly recommend David’s treatment” – Rosemarie


Knee Pain
“Some time ago I was accidentally kicked the kerb while running. I felt something in my ankle but kept on running. By the time I got home 10 minutes later, there was a pain in my knee. After two days I had no strength at all in my leg and could barely walk or climb stairs. My doctor said I needed a $4000 MRI scan, which I couldn’t afford. After a month there was no change and I thought it would be like that forever. I then called David and after one treatment my knee recovered 50% of its strength within 3 days and 100% within a week. David’s combination of energy work and movement really works for me. When I recommend David to my friends, I tell them I would be surprised if their condition takes more than one or two visits to resolve because his treatments are so effective. But I do believe an annual maintainence treatment is a good insurance policy.” – Dan Willdridge

“I was at the gym a few weeks ago doing my daily routine of legs and suddenly my right knee was with strong pain and apparently with a serious injury….So I left the gym worried, and sore. Later on the same day I met David and I consulted him about my knee problem. Immediately we went for a massage session for half an hour. After the session the pain disappeared and the injury wasn’t there at all. Thank you David.” – Frank Silval


Anxiety and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
In my early 20’s, I found my body changing, I could no longer eat dairy, I found out I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Anxiety. In late 2009 I developed a pain on my right hand side. It was aggravated when I sat down for a long time, when I became angry or stressed. … After about a year and a half of seeing doctors, hearing the same thing, and getting no where, I decided to see a Naturopath. … David was able to not only diagnose the problem, he was also able to give me herbs and dietary advice that eased the crippling pain that I felt and eased my Anxiety and IBS. Seeing David really changed my life dramatically, I was able to live normally again, without the fear that I would not be able to get out of bed the next morning. I feel wonderful now! ” – Leyla Johnson.


Abdominal Cramping and hot flushes
“I’m a medical student and went to see David because of an interest in trying out naturopathy. As the consultation proceeded I was very impressed by his knowledge of natural substances and human physiology. He also helped me significantly by identifying that my hot flushes and abdominal cramping, which were distressing and medically unexplained symptoms, were probably an interaction between a pharmaceutical I had been taking and one of my herbal supplements. I stopped taking the herbal supplement that day and my abdominal cramping and hot flushes resolved very rapidly.” – Nick Pak


Back Pain
“I had suffered from lower back pain for over a year, but prior to the treatment, the week before, it had been extremely severe. I experienced a 90% release of pain and this felt like freedom to me, within 24 hours” – Susan Walker.


Weight Loss
“Before I met David, I didn’t know how to cook. David taught me how to cook and to eat the correct food for my body. Since then I lost 10 kilos…….!!!!…..just in 5 months. Now I’m feeling younger and lighter with more energy … Lots of energy now…!!!….Thanks David for the great key life advice…..Thanks for giving me the key to live longer and healthy…..David, thank you!” – Frank Silval.


“The significant response that I have observed is an enormous opening up and increased flexibility in my pelvic, lower back and knee areas. As a yoga practitioner and teacher of many decades, I have found David’s treatments complement my yoga practice and enable me to be far more comfortable and flexible in regions of my body where I have a tendency to be very tight and inflexible.
One treatment that I received from David immediately freed up pain and rigidness in my neck that I had been suffering from for many years.” – Lianne Divine


“deeply healing” – Natasha Delgarno.